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Today it seems that the world has breathed a sigh of relief as Ukraine led by the Jewish Comedian who in turn leads an army of Nazis has blinked in succession with the EU, the UK and the US. The rhetoric has calmed down and Russia is drawing down its massive force (which it mobilized in blinding speed, NATO/US would have taken a month to do likewise).

Of course, there will be idiots in the Ukraine, DC Beltway and Downing Street who thinks that Russia blinked and chickened out, but this is irrelevant. Everyone on both sides know any attack on Russia would be foolish at best and total annihilation at worst.

The Guerrilla believes that Zilinsky though under massive pressure from the west and the recent revelations of the attempted assassination against Lukashenko in Belarus; realized what a handful of geostrategy experts have known for quite some time. That is that the US is willing to fight the Russians down to the last Ukrainian and the fact that there will never be any backup. NATO is a farce, its nothing more than a debate society that picks on 3rd world nations that can not defend themselves.  Another apparatus of the globalist looters.

The Ukrainian people feel the sting as their nation has been stripped of its wealth, resources and now its being thrust forward by Uncle Schmuck as cannon fodder for the Russians. Over the course of years following the Soros/CIA funded coup famously called the Maidan, Ukrainians are living categorically in a failed state resembling an amalgam of Argentina and Zimbabwe. They have lost everything all based on lies created by some morons in a “Think Tank” in Washington DC.

Uncle Schmuck led by the Cardboard Cut Out in Chief (CCOIC) “Slow” Joe Biden has gloriously failed (again)this week in trying to move the rotting cadaver that is “Anglo-American” Empire forward. First the Ukraine blowup, then revelation of Lukashenko which will be public and on display very soon, then idiotic story out of the Czech Republic about a munitions explosion in 2014 that they are now trying to peg to Russia. Next they will blame Russia for the sinking of the Titanic, the Hindenburg explosion, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby and the death of Elvis Presley.

Like the Leader of the Free world (Vladimir Putin) said,” It has become a sport to blame Russia.” Not to fret though Exceptionalstan did score a victory this week, MI-666 (MI6) and CIA (Central Incompetence Agency) working with German media has allowed the German Green party led by world Trampoline Champion and Russia hater Annalena Baerbock win the German Parliament. Their life mission is to hate Russia and to see to it that the evil fossil fuel industry (along with German Industry) is destroyed, starting with that pesky Nordstream 2. Folks you can’t make this shit up.

Those that have been paying attention to the Chess Master and Leader of The Free World (LOTFW) would see this past week as a masterful move. In the following ways:


Ukraine: The Jewish Comedian who leads a Nazi Army dialed Putin to ask if he wants to discuss the problems in Donbass and Ukraine/Russian relations? The LOTFW responded saying “if you want to discuss the Donbass region take it up with the governing authority in Donbass the LDNR as per the Minsk agreement that you signed and agreed to. If you want to discuss “us” come to Moscow. “ The Guerrilla fell on the floor laughing. Ukraine is nothing more than a irritating itch on the backside of Russia but the Donbass is a festering wound for Ukraine. Guess who has the time on their hands and can at any moment up the ante making the festering wound into a Septic death spiral? Think about this, there was a time in the last 5 years that on multiple occasions Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and others told Russia to just take the Donbass if they wanted it so badly…Why do you think Putin said “no”. =) Now you get it, now you are seeing how a true Chess master plays. He got them by the balls and they know it. They also know Uncle Schmuck is full of it.

Germany: The Green party can have it and follow the wishes of the idiots from the beltway and the rectal lovers from Brussels. Russia does not need Germany when a booming Asian and Eastern European economies are growing and flourishing. Let the sick man Germany in the psyche ward that is the EU die.

EU: A joke that is drowning in debt and can’t seem to buy its own bonds fast enough while issuing new ones. We know how this round table of looters comes to an end. Russia does not need them.

UK: A has been empire that refuses to die. She is will be dragged to her end as her intellectual/banking class have their hands so far up the Uncle Schmucks rear that they will drown together.

US: Died on Jan 20, 2021 the transformation to total banana republic is complete. We are at the point that the Democrats no longer even need voters to win elections and the Republics are too cucked to do anything about it.

Embrace the bubble, make your profits and get your family and loved ones out of the way. To hell with this place there is no “rebuilding” …maybe in 75 years when most of the Millennials are dead.



The Guerrilla.


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