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ENCLOSED: List of Intel Fools Who Pushed Hunter Biden Russian Laptop Lie

This is about remembering and holding those who lie or are wrong accountable. Just because someone has worked in the intelligence community does not automatically confer on that person some… Read more »

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays

Afghan women, stock photo Christian children in California aren’t allowed to pray in schools, but Muslim refugees are given halal food and provided prayer rooms. California schools in Sacramento are… Read more »

UNHINGED: Florida Teacher Has a Meltdown, Berates Students For Supporting Classmate Who Brought In a Trump Flag; “Trump Brings Out Racism in Trashy People” – (Video)

WOW. These activist educators are really something else. There are too many who are completely unhinged that should be nowhere near children, let alone teaching them anything. Even in the… Read more »

Dozens of Massachusetts State Troopers Resign Ahead of Deadline for State’s Mandatory Vaccine Mandate

  This week, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge refused to allow any delay of the state’s vaccine mandate that is set to begin on October 17th. The decision has already… Read more »

President Trump Lists Thousands of Ballots Included in 2020 Election In Arizona That Were Fraudulent Showing He Won the State

President Trump listed a number of issues in Georgia in the 2020 Presidential Election and then he discussed the results from the Arizona audit yesterday. President Trump began by listing… Read more »

President Trump Leaves 13 Seats Empty in the Front Row of Georgia Rally in Honor of Soldiers Who Died in Afghanistan

President Trump has 13 empty seats left empty in the front row of the rally in recognition of the soldiers who recently lost their lives in Afghanistan due to Biden’s… Read more »

“We’re Going to Take Back Our Country from These Lunatics” Massive Crowd in Georgia Greets President Trump

“We’re going to take back our country from these lunatics.”  President Trump shared in front of a massive crowd in Georgia. President Trump greeted Georgia and shared: Inflation is skyrocketing…. Read more »

They’re On the Other Side: GOP Totally Ignores AZ Forensic Audit that Found State of Arizona NEVER Should Have Been Certified

Jordan Canradson photo The fake news media hacks were not the only ones who ignored the Arizona Forensic Audit results on Friday. As should have been expected, the Democrat-media complex… Read more »

WATCH: AZ State Rep Mark Finchem – Sets Rude FAKE NEWS Howie Fischer Straight – “This Is HIS Interview Howie… That’s Shameful! I Have Never Seen You Stoop That Low.”

Yesterday the Arizona audit results presentation made it clear, the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County should never have been certified with Joe Biden as the winner. We reported on the… Read more »

Canary Islands Volcano Entering “Explosive Phase” – Flights Suspended (VIDEO)

Zerohedge is reporting on the active volcano on the Canary Islands.  It is The volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma entered a new explosive phase as an eruption… Read more »