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Feeble Biden Spends Another Weekend at Delaware Basement Amid Calls For Him to Take Cognitive Test

Joe Biden barely worked on Friday and left Washington DC to go hide in his Delaware basement for the weekend. Biden just returned from his first foreign trip where he… Read more »

International Auditor: Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected for 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign There Are Numerous Issues to Inventory and Report

The audit work in the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results is winding down.  The audit report is not expected for another eight weeks.   Citizen’s Press linked… Read more »

Here’s Why it was So Important for Democrats to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday…

When the Civil War ended, and after Republican President Abraham Lincoln liberated the slaves, Democrats initiated Jim Crow laws to punish blacks. Democrats discriminated against blacks. In fact, the KKK,… Read more »

Oregon Police Declare Riot as Chaotic Brawl Breaks Out Between Proud Boys and Antifa at Park Near Portland (VIDEO)

Proud Boys and far-left Antifa militants brawled at Clackamette Park near Portland on Friday afternoon. According to reports, the Proud Boys were holding a “voter registration” drive when Antifa militants… Read more »

Homeless Man Arrested For Assaulting Gavin Newsom During His Visit to Downtown Oakland (VIDEO)

A homeless man was arrested for assaulting California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Thursday during his visit to downtown Oakland, authorities said Friday. According to local media reports, Newsom was… Read more »

Georgia’s Stacey Abrams Received a Position on Crooked John Podesta’s Center for American Progress – Then She Got Involved in Georgia’s 2020 Election

Stacey Abrams has ties to the highest tier of the Democratic machine in the United States: John Podesta and his Center for American Progress, which he founded. The Center for American… Read more »

WaPo Publishes Story FILLED WITH LIES About Marine Veteran and OAN Reporter – Christina Bobb

  Today, the Washington Post published another fake news hit piece on the amazing, and highly accomplished reporter, Christina Bobb from One America News (OAN). They are doing everything in… Read more »

SHOCK VIDEO: Shooter Chases Family Down Bronx Sidewalk, Opens Fire on Father Inches Away From Children

New York is a crime-ridden 3rd world hell hole under Democrat leadership. NYPD Crime Stoppers posted a shocking video of a shooter chasing a family down a Bronx sidewalk and… Read more »

Stacey Abrams Texting Arizonans To Pass the S.1 Legislation that Gives Democrats More Ability to Cheat

Stacey Abrams’s non profit group  Fair Fight Action is contacting voters all over the country urging them to call their senators and pass S1, which will require states to permit… Read more »

Facebook Decides That It Will Allow Some Satire — But It Must Be ‘Layered, Complex, or Subversive’

Facebook has announced that they are finally working on allowing satire on the site, as long as it is not hateful and “layered, complex, or subversive.” The announcement came in… Read more »